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If you have questions about carpet cleaning products and methods, we can give you the answers.

Should I place handmade rugs in my study?

Handmade rugs are ideal for home offices. In terms of decoration, Persian rugs will look great in front of your desk where you and your visitors or family can admire them. In terms of rug cleaning procedures, they will be easier to get cleaned because there is usually minimum foot traffic in studies. Still, the specialists of Carpet Cleaning Reseda would suggest frequent stain removal and cleaning to avoid stuffy environments.

What is the best color for bedroom rugs?

If you want to place rugs in your bedroom, you should be extra careful with two things. First of all, you must choose light, natural colors because intense ones will increase adrenaline and won't offer the necessary calmness in order to go to sleep. Choose neutral shades, which are relaxing. Secondly, you need to repeat rug cleaning on a daily basis because rugs collect dust and you must sleep in healthy, fresh environments.

There are carpet stains after a party but I’m tired, can I leave it for tomorrow?

While it can be very tempting to simply leave work like that to when you’ve gotten some rest, it can be incredibly difficult to remove stains from the carpet when a certain amount of time has passed. It’s always best to clean the moment it happens.

Should I hang wet rugs to dry?

This isn’t a good idea at all. The water will accumulate in the lowest lying areas and make them more difficult to dry. It is best if you lay the rugs on the floor and use fans to help them get dry more quickly. Opening the windows will also help a great deal.

Why are alkaline products dangerous to carpets?

The professionals of our carpet cleaning company in Reseda explain that products with high PH level, usually above 10, are highly likely to damage the dye used for carpets and cause discoloration. They can also damage wool fibers directly. It is worth pointing out that the damaging effect is made more powerful in case of exposure of the treated surface to ambient light.

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